Integral Pelvic Therapy® (IPT)

IPT is a safe and accessible therapeutic form of bodywork, specifically designed for women. It heals, restores balance and awakens the powerful feminine wisdom that lives in every woman.

Many women hold pain, trauma and grief in the pelvic area. This often originates in fear, terror and the constant worry of being attacked and abused, sexually, emotionally or physically. The wounds thereby created carry throughout generations, bloodlines, collective consciousness, ancestral lineages and environments. Candice Pert, a doctor in neuropharmacology, discovered that our glands, organs, tissues and cells store emotions and memories. “Your body is your subconscious mind”, she states.

Integral Pelvic Therapy is suitable and meaningful for every woman who wants to explore or deepen her femininity, connection to her body and has an authentic request for help in situations like:

  • Pain during sex.
  • Lack of sexual drive.
  • Unexplained pain in pelvic area.
  • Unexplained (lower) back complaints or tailbone pain.
  • Heavy menstrual pain.
  • Uterus/bladder prolapse.
  • Unintended urine loss.
  • Chronic inflammations of the vulva.
  • Trauma from sexual abuse.
  • Traumatic delivery.
  • Fertility problems.
  • Painful/numb scar tissue after giving birth or Casearian section.

Benefits of an IPT session:

  • Womb healing from past trauma.
  • Clears fear.
  • Connection to feminine flow.
  • Balanced Womb Energy.
  • Clear decision making.
  • Clear Boundaries.
  • Clearing old energy from past lovers.
  • Supports menstrual Health.
  • Clears entangled energies.
  • Clears co-dependency.
  • Attract Healthy relationship.
  • Increased libido.
  • Awakened sexual energy.
  • Awakened fertility.
  • Supports creativity.
  • Supports fertility and conception path.

Integral Pelvic Therapy works on different layers

The mental layer

Next to the extensive intake and the informed consent, at the first actual session, we will have a talk. What we will be discussing are the pieces that are not in balance in your life and how you can be coached in this.

The physical layer

Through soft and precise external and internal techniques, the fascia and muscles in the pelvis are examined, smoothed out and adhesions solved. Trigger points are addressed, as well as other tension patterns, allowing the pelvis to function in balance again. As a result, instead of a numb or painful feeling, sensitivity will return allowing the natural self-healing capacity of the body to work its wonders.

The emotional layer

It often happens that charge around emotions is stored in the body, especially in the vulnerable area of the pelvis. IPT lets the emotions be felt so that they can be processed and/or released.

The energetic layer

Energy can be felt like a kind of electrical charge in your body. If a blockage occurs in this, it feels like a “stiffening” in the tissue. After an IPT treatment, the energy can flow freely throughout the body. Women can have the feeling to “shine from the inside”.

The spiritual layer

Sometimes there is an unprocessed event in your life or in the family line that still has an impact in your system. By using bodywork combined with visualization techniques these events can be integrated so balance is restored. This can result in a feeling of more energy and vitality.


Before a session takes place, there will be an extensive intake. Your personal and medical history will be discussed as well as your request for help. The actual treatment is separate from the intake, so a well-informed decision can be made. When both you and me feel IPT will be beneficial, an appointment is made for the actual treatment.

The IPT session

The treatment itself can take up to 2 hours. For your safety it is important that you are fully “present” in your body during the entire session. Being present in the body means that during the treatment you are able to stay in contact with your body and me. I will provide a safe space in which you are allowed and encouraged to feel all that needs to be felt, expressed and experienced.

Depending on your request for help I work externally and/or internally on/in the pelvis. In order to ensure safety for both of us during this delicate work, I will ask for and emphasise embodied consent in every step of the way.

Embodied Consent

Embodied consent means that you, as a client feel a full “yes” in your head, your heart and your body. So often in our lives we have “allowed” touch or physical handling that was not 100% within our consent. During an IPT session you will experience time after time what it is like to actually be “in control” of what is happening to you. This alone can be a very empowering experience.

Together we work through practices to unearth the hidden inner truth, clear emotional, energetic, physical and sexual traumas, blocks and imprints. This work supports women to release patterns of shame, lack, unworthiness, guilt, abandonment, rage and fear. It also supports the healing of birth trauma and womb grief.


€ 110,-
90 minutes
One session
€ 225,-
3 sessions trajectory
€ 625,-