Woman’s Worth

Woman’s Worth is all about female empowerment, however no longer coming from polarisation, separation or exclusion but from a place of unification, integration and inclusion.

This is by default our most natural, female and creative force and we have all the wisdom, inner technology and knowledge build in, we just have to get out of our own way and let that intelligence work its magic.

Somehow, we have forgotten how to care for these magnificent bodies that bleed, carry life, give birth and go through many changes. We have been taught to judge, ignore and override the messages communicated to us by our biological systems. We look outside ourselves to find the way, or we rely on our logical rational mind to navigate rather than our deep inner knowing.

The human body is infinitely intelligent; it was created through the original blueprint of life, and it stills holds all the secrets of this knowledge. It is the cradle of our soul, and a direct translator and transceiver of all worlds. In every moment our body is communicating something to us.

We, including myself have suffered from these attitudes. Now is the time to reclaim our feminine power, in softness and to honour and trust this miraculous form we inhabit. Most of us do not know who we truly are, know or own our true WORTH.

When we women reconnect with our inner goddess, we can heal on a very deep level. Not just for ourselves in the present but also for our future generation and in retrospect for all those generations that came before us.

Let’s journey together.