Woman’s Worth

To be a woman means to be a Goddess; powerful, sensual and alive. Like no other being we care, love and manifest in alignment with the forces of nature. These are the qualities we, sisters, awaken in the work that Woman’s Worth offers. A connected, open and safe space where we truly meet, bring awareness and ignite the spark of the divine feminine.

Hi, I am Eva

I see, I feel, I know. I feel clearly and am very intuitive. My heart and mind are open. I am honest and direct, yet gentle and caring. As a woman, lover and mother of two kids I live, learn, fail and succeed in all aspects of life, enriching my soul. I long for real connection, sincerity and openness and long to meet you there!

Integral Pelvic Therapy

Although we all birthed from it, both the womb and pelvis are neglected by most women. Its power is often hidden, misunderstood and forgotten about. Consequently, many women experience a wide range of problems in their pelvic floor such as traumatic birth, menstrual pain, fertility issues, sexual blockages & trauma, urine loss.

Integral Pelvic Therapy is a specialised form of bodywork for women. It restores balance and heals in a safe and accessible way, awakening the powerful feminine wisdom that lives in every woman.


To be truly touched is to reconnect to your unique and rich inner world. A massage is a multidimensional healing experience that relaxes, invigorates and revitalises your entire being. My soulful touch brings awareness to your physical and energetic bodies, aligns and unleashes your feminine energy, inner truth, wisdom and creative powers.


A reading allows the voice of your child to speak freely and with authenticity. Although your child is growing up and learning to deal with life, it is wise and clear beyond imagination on the level of the soul. This where we meet, allowing your child to share its experiences in the family constellation and express its genuine needs. This direct, sincere and uncensored communication helps both the child and parents to naturally give what is needed for a healthy, happy and thriving childhood.

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