Sexual energy

Our sexual energy is the most misunderstood life force.

Sexual energy is liquid living light. It is not just a sexual experience between humans. It is the living pulse of life; pure creative power. It is the compassionate, unconditional exchange of love.

Our sexual energy, our life force, is innocent. It is our expression of pure desire to be alive.

Everything contains this powerful impulse. In its deepest expression, it is the desire to give love.

It takes an incredible amount of energy to keep it locked down, but we do because of shame, judgment, emotional wounding, sexual trauma, and deliberate manipulation through cultural conditioning.

When we explore deeply into our bodies and release the emotional, energetic, and physical contractions that block the free flowing of our life force, something incredible happens: our aliveness awakens.

We feel ourselves fully, maybe for the first time in this lifetime. We realize we are magical, powerful creatures beyond measure, interconnected with all of life. Anything is possible.

We are not our jobs, money, our parents, our bad relationships, our emotional wounds, or our health problems.

We are MAGIC!!

We were created to love and be loved, to create, to enjoy, to inspire and be inspired.

Sexuality is so much more than the act of having sex. Women who don’t experience lust and excitement are often not grounded and connected to their pelvic area, and because of this having difficulty to create and manifest. I know what I am talking/writing about. Took me years to get to this understanding. It literally changed my life in many ways.

IPT can be a beautiful invitation to bring back this awakening of sexual energy inside of you. To make you remember your beautiful body, your sexual desires, your ability to love deeply and feel your immense power of being this creative sensual WOMAN!!!