“Reading” is a way of “intuitively” perceiving information that gives an insight into ​​what is happening consciously and unconsciously in your life and for what reason.

During a reading, I tune into a photo. By tuning in and making a conscious connection with the person, a telepathic connection is established and we communcate on the level of the soul. In this contact, the child or adult communicates their inner perceptions, insights and concerns through images and words.

In the energy, unfiltered communication takes place that is honest, direct and revealing, but with the intention to clarify and grow. A conversation can take place, I see images of the current situations and/or past life experiences.

A reading can be valuable for both children and adults.


€ 65,-

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Your request for a reading can be done via this form.

Within two weeks you will receive the reading back from me in the for form of a spoken message. This can be a short and powerful message, but a longer message is possible as well. This entirely depends on what wants to be shared, heard or seen in that very moment.

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