New logo

This is my new logo (made by Sido Wijga).

In my twenties I looked outside myself to find my way in life. Relying on my rational mind instead of listening to my heart and inner knowing. There was really nobody I was afraid of, having such a big mouth and attitude. Turning 30 was a changing point. Learning that I was extremely sensitive, insecure and many strategies just to stay away from my true feelings.

The last 14 years has been a beautiful and intense journey in unraffling  myself. Who am I? What am I longing for? What is it, that really makes me happy? What is my path here in this life???

I can honestly say that I have come to love myself for who I am. Embracing myself in all my imperfections and perfection.

Most of us do not know who we truly are, know or own our true WORTH.

Womans Worth is all about female empowerment, however no longer coming from polarisation, separation, or exclusion, but from a place of unification, integration and inclusion.

When we women reconnect with our inner Goddess, we can heal on a very deep level. Not just for ourselves in the present, but alsof or our future generation and in retrospect for all those generations that came before us.

For me the time has come to reclaim my feminine power!! I am so ready to stand, to rise and to shine!!!