My ode to the womb

The womb is the centre of a woman’s universe. My personal relationship with my own womb has long been unconscious and hidden. We are all birthed from the womb, but I guess the womb is neglected by most women, its power hidden, misunderstood and forgotten about.

Until I gave my first birth, my moon cycles were easy and painless. This completely changed after my first pregnancy. I knew it was a sign of my body to release and heal the ancestral lineage and my own traumas, but no clue how to at a physical level. It was not until I started with the IPT training that I realised so many issues and unresolved traumas were stored in my womb, waiting to be met and disclosed. Just as many young women, I had never heard of or was educated, initiated, in the wisdom and powers that the womb stores, waiting to be connected to and brought into the light.

From a biological perspective we learn about the womb in a very clinical way, a symptom of our western approach to knowledge, intelligence and healing. In many ancient traditions, woman and specifically the womb, are regarded as the seat of creation, honoured for their intuitive wisdom, creative powers and healing capacities.

The human body is infinitely intelligent; it was created through the original blueprint of life, and it stills holds all the secrets of this knowledge. It is the cradle of our soul, and a direct translator and transceiver of all worlds. In every moment our body is communicating something to us. The instinctive body, in its primal innocence, knows what is best for us. We should learn again to have more trust in its wisdom. Follow her instincts, her feedback, and her feelings. Many thousands of years ago, people knew about the power of the body, and they knew about the jewel it contained—the womb. We have lost this connection, and it is time to remember it again. The womb is our seat of knowing!!!!!

Every journey begins with the first step. IPT is a beautiful and magical first step to start this journey and create consciousness of this womb inside of us.